Wednesday, September 30, 2009

House next door

They were taking the house next door to me down and throwing away all the old rocks. Needless to say I lugged them home. wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow. I now have more then I need, but I am sure I will find a place for all of them.


LillySue said...

Thank you for stopping to visit and becoming a follower. I am following you now too. I work at home taking care of several 3 year olds and have 2 teens of my own, so I bloghop when I can!
I am so in love with your kitchen farm sink...I have wanted one just like that for years....Someday!!
Good for you, collecting all those rocks...I am a rock scavenger myself!

Lee said...

Hodge Podge Lodge is beautiful... a labor of love...just like my home. Thank you for stopping by and following along.
Be blessed in all you put your hand to.

Queenie said...

Hey there, It's so nice to meet you! How wonderful that you could salvage that's gorgeous. I loved looking at your pictures of your home...alot of love is going to that old beauty. I love your vintage style! I wish I had an old house! I think they have such charm!
I'll be back to visit you again soon. Have a nice evening...
P.S. Your doggie is so cute! I could just give him a big hug! How about you do that for me?!

Anonymous said...

Lots of work! Looks like a lot of progress too! Good thing your beau can do it himself! I suppose he finds that a blessing and a curse right?
Thanks for the follow!

Barbara Rosa Franceschini said...

Hi LillySue,
I am just ready my comments, I didn't know how to find them at first.
I still have a pile of rocks to drag home from next door. I got upset when I saw them dumping them in a roll off. I grab some for a neighbor of mine, who liked what I was doing in my yard. I helped her do the same in her yard. Lets just say my arms were sore after that, but I was so happy with the out come I forgot all about it.
I love nature, God makes the most beautiful things, and I drag them home, lol. Sea Shells are another thing I have a lot of.

Barbara Rosa Franceschini said...

Hi Lee,
I am learning from other blogs I go to. So thank you for sharing your ideas. I get so involved with looking at others blogs I forget to go to mine, lol. I am amazed at all the talent out there.

Barbara Rosa Franceschini said...

Hi Queenie,
I have waited a long time to have a home I could work on. I never thought the day would come. I was blessed when I meet Jim He came into my life and everything changed. I thought all men were no good,& the good ones where married, I would never meet one, let alone have one, lol . I now feel God made me wait till I was ready. I don't think I would of knew how to treat a good guy, so I had to go through hard times to learn. I pray I treat him as good as he treats me.
I have more rocks coming, lol. I hate to see them thrown away.
I gave Diogie a bug hug for you and he licked my face. So here is his lick :)---

Barbara Rosa Franceschini said...

Hi Girl, Inspired,
I go to your blog to remind myself to look like a lady, lol. I have to remind myself, after dragging rocks home, I still need to fix myself. So thank you so much for that extra push I get from your blog.
As for Jim. He finds it a blessing when working home. But the neighbors, about 5 (who are women living alone) have found out what he can do, so every time they have a problem, they come to him. Thank God I trust him, or I would drive my self crazy, Jim says I don't have far to go. I love my neighbors, We are all a close bunch and we take care of each other.
Keep up the good work on your blog, I need it, lol.