Friday, April 19, 2013

If anyone wants to find me on facebook

I have been cleaning out my attic, things that I love but just have no room for are for sale. I also am trying to sell things on Etsy, but I have not totally figured out what I am doing yet. I do know I sold an old Victorian night gown, and what eBay charged me in the end, I may of made 2 dollars off of it. Thank God I got it for nothing.

I have been missing in action on here because to be honest with you, I forgot about this site and I got caught up and addicted to facebook.  Plus, since I was on here last, we gutted and put in a new/old looking nautical bathroom and bedroom, and finished our dinning room.  We still have a lot to do to this old Victorian home. We are doing the work ourselves, and that makes me feel like we can make it our way with our own hands...

Right now we are on pause, my husband had a cycle accident. I am trying to hold him down so he does not re-break a rib that badly bruised his lung. He is more important to me then the house or anything else, so I will not let him do anything heavy or stretch to far. His neck is still hurting him, but believe me, it could of been a lot worse then it was. He was going to work, about 4:30- 5 O'clock in the morning, still very dark outside. He never saw or expected a phone line to be hanging across the road at neck level. Thank God he had a windshield on his bike, it saved him from becoming decapitated. But, it grabbed the bike and threw him and the bike to the ground. He is now making jokes, saying it reminds him of a Roadrunner cartoon. He said he could imagine himself stretching the line as far as it could go, then it shooting him backwards. I told him, NOT FUNNY!!!!

Hope this finds everyone feeling Gods arms holding them.