Monday, May 4, 2009

Hogde Podge Lodge

Hi, well here I am back to let you see some of the update to our home. The end of Sept 2008 we had the house painted on the outside, I still have more I want to do, but this is a start. I was not real happy with the paint job, but like Jim said at least it is done and the house is more protected. He, the painter sealed all my windows closed, dripped blue paint onto the white, didn't paint blue around the windows like he said he was going to do,used the wrong color blue and I gave him a sample of the blue I wanted, painted the outside basement doors with the wrong paint and now it is rusting, not even 5 months later.Then he asked me for the original price, lol. Yea right, I told him no way. He did give us a good price, so I had him take off 200 dollars and then I paid him.

Oh, the painter was going to do the concrete work around the house and decided he couldn't do it so he hired a guy to come out and do the job. Asked me to pay this guy and then thought I was going to still pay him for the job. Double dipping I thin this is called.But I did like the guy he picked, so I hired him to do the chimney too. I loved his work. I got him other jobs, where the painter, I told people I couldn't trust him to do my outhouse. He did the house next door to me and again, he painted the wrong color green and missed spots and had to go back.

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